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JabberStudio is the development hub for the Jabber community. This site provides CVS, web hosting, bug tracking, task management, and many other tools to help people working on our favorite IM system. To get started, you can browse CVS or read the CVS instructions.

Recent Project News
JabBot:  Jabbot pre 0.2 release
Jabbot pre 0.2 release added in files(read on...)

JSO:  0.12 Released
More than you can shake a stick at...(read on...)

Users-Agent:  Released v1.2
Better disco support

Net::Jabber:  Released v2.0
Moved core into Net::XMPP for easier support in the future

Net::XMPP:  Released v1.0
First stable release of the core XMPP protocol

JabberStudio News
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New updates to the site @ 8am(read on...)

New updates to the site @ 1pm(read on...)

Project Request Changes
The way project requests are handled has changed. All with a pending request should read.(read on...)


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